4 ways to use Vasco Pay this Christmas

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1. Stay on budget

Christmas is the time of the year that many Australians blow their budget. In 2019, Australians spent a staggering $18.8 billion, or on average $969 per household. One in three people started the New Year with Christmas debt that took up to 10 weeks to pay off.*

If you’re on a tight budget this Christmas year, then it’s best to lay off the credit cards and Buy Now Pay Later options. One way to not fall into debt is to set aside a budget and transfer the amount to your Vasco Pay account. When you go shopping, only take your Vasco Pay card, and leave the credit cards and cash at home. Once you’re running low on funds, you can simply load your account and do it all over again!

Tip: check your account balance on your mobile app to ensure you never run out of funds.

2. Shop securely online

Online shopping is a popular way to shop for your Christmas gifts but sometimes it can turn into an upsetting experience when you’re hit with a fraudulent charge. With Vasco Pay, we eliminate the risks to your privacy as your personal and main bank account details are not linked to your Vasco Pay account. This protects you from potentially having to deal with fraudulent charges as well as your bank account details exposed online.

Tip: link your Vasco Pay card to your PayPal account for maximum online security!

3. Reward your employees

It’s been a challenging year for many businesses and what better way to show a token of appreciation by rewarding your employees with a monetary gift this Christmas? 

If you have employees in different locations organising team-based Christmas celebrations, you can also top up their prepaid cards to spend on petty cash items. Not only do you save employees from paying out-of, you can control and consolidate your corporate Christmas budget for easy reconciliation.

Tip: you can bulk transfer funds to your employees with Vasco Pay.

4. Teach your kids how to manage money

Prepaid cards are great for children and teens to use as allowance or emergency funds without having to carry cash around. This means that they won’t have to deal with the responsibility of owning a checking account or risk racking up credit card debt, giving you a peace of mind.

Tip: the easiest way to give your children allowance is to set up a recurring payment.


Our Visa Prepaid Cards are perfect for online shoppers and e-commerce retailers seeking offer a payment solution for their customers.

* Finder, Australia’s Christmas spending statistics 2019

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