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The world is changing. Cash is no longer king—cards and adaptive technology have taken the throne.

The benefits of going cashless are vast, and it’s our mission to make it quick and simple for you to start your own future-focused payment program.

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Vasco Pay is a fully owned subsidiary of Novatti Group (ASX:NOV). Novatti has been appointed by Visa as an approved Visa Principal Partner and Issuer to create and sponsor payment solutions that will drive new innovation in Australia.

We're a one stop shop of experts in all of the areas of prepaid payment solutions. From issuing fully branded prepaid cards to compliance - we've got you covered.

Award winning software company

Established in 1996 and ASX listed

Experience in Financial Licencing*

*The Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence is held with Flexewallet (no. 448066), a wholly owned subsidiary of Novatti Group.

What you get



As your dedicated Payments Partner, our program managers have more than 57 years of combined banking and prepaid card issuing experience. As such, we have the ability, insight and expertise to support you as you grow your business.

We are a partner who has successfully delivered payment solutions to Tier-1 and other companies. Our experience span across Telecom, Aviation, Travel, Financial Institutions, Retail, Remittance, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management industries.

We have 20 years of global experience creating and developing open-architected digital transaction technology solutions. Our services cover a wide range of corporations, both in Australia and globally. 

At our core, we strive to ensure every client has a solution that is quick to market and easy to implement. Our client's success is what drives us everyday.

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