Infographic: Anatomy of a prepaid card program

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Are you considering launching your own branded prepaid card? Check out all the compenents required to bring your reloadable card to market.

Program managers

Program managers like Vasco Pay are responsible for how all these systems and entities work together to make a card program. Program managers help companies launch their own card programs in an efficient and cost-effective manner—facilitating program development, design, implementation, monitoring and customer support. We help make it easy!

Website App or Online Portal

Customer facing software to allow the customer to perform various card functions.

Electronic verification platform (KYC & AML)

An electronic verification platform perform helps you know who your customer is and that they pose a low risk of money laundering and terrorism financing.

Backend Payment Technology

Facilitates key functions such as ordering cards, maintaining card balances, connecting with the Visa payment network to authorize card purchases, and post card transaction.

Card Bureau

Card bureaus provide card production services such as card manufacturing (card and chip creation), pin generation, personalisation, packaging, and consumer delivery.


The safekeeping of funds must be carried out by an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution. (ADIs)

Card issuer

They have the contractual agreement to issue cards that use the specific payment network.

Payment network

Facilitates settlements by paying the acquirer and debiting funds from the card issuer’s account.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

A CRM system manages a company’s interaction with customers on various channels including the company’s website contact forms and live chat, telephone, email, and social media.

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